Men's Walk #94: October 14-17, 2021

Weekend Lay Director:  Shannon Gehlhausen

Women's Walk #95:  October 21-24, 2021

Weekend Lay Director:  Kim Elzer


We are suspending the Walk Declaration (date to meet the minimum of 20 pilgrims per Walk) Deadline for the 2020 Walks.

The Final Application Deadline for Walks #94 and 95 will be September 30, 2021.


Who Can You Sponsor?

To learn more about Sponsorship, check out the Sponsorship Tab.


The Bible tells us to 'Pray at all time and on every occasion in the  power of the Holy Spirit: Stay Alert and be persistent in your  prayers for all  Christians.' Eph 6:18, so let's be sure to continue to lift up all of the board members and our Fall 2021 Lay Directors, Shannon Gehlhausen and Kim Elzer, as they prepare and strive to do God's will. We know that God will use them as they yield to Him, so let's keep them covered in prayer. We also have many members of the community in need of prayer at all times.  If you have a prayer request,please email our EDWE prayer chain at edweprayer@gmail.com You may also be added to our prayer chain by sending your email address to edweprayer@gmail.com. Our prayers are the greatest gifts that we can give and they cost us only a few minutes of our time.

Got A Group?

Grouping is not just about working a walk, it's about staying connected with the "Body of Christ."   Need a group? Contact The Board Member responsible for Reunion Groups and we will help you to find one.